Like archaeologists sifting through layers of soil, the architects of this renovation in Tel Aviv, Israel, spent as much time pealing back layers to reveal original beach sand, clay and stone walls as they did designing new habitable spaces inside the structure.

Pitsou Kedem Architects carefully analysed and deconstructed the numerous additions, expansions and remodels that had altered this centuries-old conglomeration, careful to preserve what was found with epoxy resin and reinforce fragile supports.

Subsequent additions in the second phase of the intervention were intentionally minimalist – white walls, marbled floors and basic furniture all woven in and around the space-shaping stone columns and repeating ceiling vaults.


Thin black powder-coated steel deck railings and window trim with simple single-pane glazing gently infilled window gaps as needed, while partitions and doors were added without any attempt at faux traditionalism, leaving clean distinctions between old and new.