Most portable dwellings are made to roam a range of climates, but few can boast winter-proofing like the Leaf House, a $50K model made to take anything the tundra can through at it and keep on rolling.

Designed by Laird Herbert, the structure has an aesthetic that matches its season-sensitive goals, looking rather like a modular combination of trailer-home elements and log-cabin materials, mixing metal and cedar wood siding. The sloped roof provides for a lofted sleeping space, but is also critical for shedding snow in northern environments.

But beyond its appearance, it also features a great deal of in-wall insulation as well as triple-paned windows and other features made to help keep things warm in the worst conditions. Traditional and cozy detailing extends inside to stone floor tiles and a vintage gas range, contributing to the sense that one is snuggled up inside a cabin-esque retreat.