Lofree Keyboard

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Do you love your high-tech computer but yearn for the evocative clickety-clack of an old-school typewriter? Thanks to a successful Indiegogo campaign, you’ll soon be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The Lofree is a mechanical keyboard capable of recreating that classic typewriter sound. To top it off, Lofree has been fitted with a set of vintage round keycaps to fit your fingertips perfectly and increase your typing accuracy. The layout may take a little getting used to, but it’s intended to make typing more intuitive and keyboards easier to navigate. The company has designed their product to be as ergonomic as possible, explaining, “After prototyping different angles of the keyboard, the 6-degree angle gives you increased stability, more comfort, and precision.”

Lofree Keyboard close up

Simply flick a switch on the side of the keyboard to connect it to your device via Bluetooth, or run a cable from your computer directly into Lofree’s easy-access micro-USB port. Since Lofree is an equal-opportunity machine, you’ll never have to worry about incompatibility. It can be paired with up to three devices at once and works perfectly with Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android. If you’re a Mac user, you’ll be happy to hear that the keyboard is compatible with every function key without requiring any setup on your part. Adjust your computer’s brightness, volume, and access your dashboard all from your Lofree keyboard.

The designers point out, “Ninety-five percent of all mechanical keyboards are made for gamers. They are bulky, wired, and full with features that you that you probably won’t use.” In an effort to make the lives of non-gamers easier, the company has stripped Lofree down to a keyboard’s most basic functions—though they’ve thrown in a few useful bonus features for good measure.

Lofree Keyboard - Backlight

Personally, we love the fact that this retro keyboard is compatible with phones and tablets. Whether you’re traveling or writing a report over a latte in the coffee shop, Lofree will make it much easier to write anywhere. We’re also big fans of the bluetooth keyboard’s convenient backlighting, which is ideal for night-typing. The keyboard’s battery only takes five hours to fully charge and will last for an astounding six months or so if you don’t use the backlighting and for a week or two if you do: that’s four times the battery capacity of most other keyboards on the market. Plus, Lofree’s auto-sleep function will help you squeeze even more life out of each charge.

Upon its release, Lofree will be available in pure white, turquoise blue, and sandstone black. Every keyboard will have black keys, but the company promises to explore more color options further down the road. The design team has also expressed interest in developing different key layouts for countries that are accustomed to other formats.

Lofree Keyboard

The keyboard’s typewriter sounds are created by a series of internal Gateron Blue switches. We reckon Lofree will appeal to both the people who fondly remember their old typewriters and the younger generations who love retro products that incorporate modern-day function and comfort. As its designers say, Lofree is “nostalgia in a modern coat.” You can’t beat that.