While fans are often ignored until the end, they play a crucial central (both literally and conceptually) role in the middle of most rooms where they are placed. Fanimation is perhaps most impressive for the variety of products they have designed to fit most interior designs and styles. Masters of retro fixtures for antique-filled houses they also design sleek modern fans that are functional, fun and visually engaging.
Within the relatively simple themes of metal and wood their products range from straight and curved-panel, timeless to contemporary, retro to futuristic. Some of them are self-dating, intended to fit within a period human, while others are almost artistic in their complexity – designed to be the center of attention.

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Two of their neatest offerings are shown above: a rotating and adjustable fan that has a classic appearance but would perform equally well in a contemporary interior design and a two-headed pair of fans with angle adjustments for more complete coverage and a creative look.