In a great series of a deformations, what might have been a boringly linear dwelling breaks down into a series of interconnected spaces that nestle the landscape while shaping outdoor rooms. Its green roof terraced design flows down the hillside in a way that feels almost organic despite all the harsh angles and geometries. Just imagine walking down that roof from top to bottom, looking out over the vineyard.

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Terraced Green Roof House at Leon

Designed by Alarcón + Asociados (photos by Pablo Cruz) and set in León, Spain, the low-cost, energy-efficient set of single-story structures consist of simple post-and-beam systems, spanned by inexpensive clay tiles.

Terraced Green Roof House at Leon angular design

The diagrams complete the picture, walking one through the process that started with basic requirements than morphed to create more private and public living spaces and to separate the kitchen, garage and reaction rooms.

Playfully-angled green roofs lend an organic quality to the exterior while also helping with passive cooling and heating processes. Coupled with common materials (concrete blocks and metal accents) used throughout, zig-zagging walls and roof recreate a whole from disparate parts.

Terraced Green Roof House at Leon diagram
Terraced Green Roof House at Leon vineyard view

More information from the architects

“This project is a home that was easily built on a low budget with minimum effort and total warranty. The spatial model was inspired by traditional Chinese architecture with three linked rooms building a domestic space. The rooms are linked yet separated. As the result of the spacial game, the room, which was modified during construction, is not directly represented by the final skyline. This is a sustainable and low energy home that is warm during the winter while cool in the summer.”

Terraced Green Roof House at Leon living room
Terraced Green Roof House at Leon side view

About Alarcón + Asociados

“With extensive experience in the sector and specialized in Almería Centro and Aguadulce, the group of real estate advisers that make up Grupo Alarcón & Asociados offer quality advice to their clients in the delicate task of buying or selling a property in the area. At the helm, Alberto Alarcón , Antonio López and  Carlos Úbeda , whose philosophy is to put the interests of their clients before their own.”