Tiny Closet Sized London Flat

People like to joke about how their apartment is small or bedroom is the size of a kitchen cabinet, but for one resident of pricey Knightsbridge, this is reality – and given the location, he is not complaining. And yes, this London flat was originally an actual storage closet. Owner Ray Barker says he’s just fine with the arrangement, despite the size.

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Tiny Closet Sized London Flat sofa bed

How does it work? Think thin: the long and narrow space has likewise depth-lacking (five inch deep) kitchen cabinets and skinny linear furniture to make room for walking through. Even the shower doubles as a coat rack at times. This is not the living quarters of a pack rat and requires spartan space-saving techniques and multi-functional accessories.

Tiny Closet Sized London Flat shower

As a commuter, the current owner bought the place as a functional loft in the heart of London more for staying than living in. The space his dining, sleeping and living room zones (for it would be difficult to call them proper rooms) fit into a 11.5 by 6 foot area that used to be the broom cupboard of the adjacent property.

“My cozy flat is just fine for sleeping,” he said. “I can do the cleaning while lying in my sofa bed. In fact, I can wash up, answer the door, make a cuppa and go to the loo all at the same time.”

Tiny Closet Sized London Flat kitchen

Originally priced at around $50,000, in today’s market it is on sale for $300,000. Sure, it might have only sixty square feet of livable space, but size is not everything – location is. A little bit of organic decorating brings some live and color to the walls to add to the sense of space, but it is still hard to imagine not feeling cramped if you stayed here too long. Still, it shows just how small spaces are relative – does your apartment feel a bit bigger now? (via DailyMail)