nadlap lamp on wall

This is a design that could make or break a room’s decor depending on its deployment, treading the filament-like fine line between kitsch and clever.

filomena lamps in black

The light-up portion of the lamp, like neon lettering, is an element that also traces a two-dimensional form. Aside from aesthetic boundaries, it also straddles the border between store-bought and do-it-yourself – you assemble it yourself, and can switch out colors as desired.

nadlab lamp in white

The Filomena lamp from nadlab – short for National Art and Design Laboratory – is a collaborative project between a craftsman decorator and industrial designer who started with conventional materials and ended up with somewhat more offbeat results.

nadlab diagram

The construction process, per Design-Milk, “Using a thin sheet of PMMA (polymethacrylate), the CNC-milled panel works as a frame and as a support for the light, acting as a guide for wire placement. Once assembled, the system can be framed on the wall and connected using a 240V wall socket as easy as a table lamp. The light source is a LED bulb white or RGB with remote control (not included).

graphic bulb design at night

“NAD Lab is an Italian firm that was started by two friends—a decorator and an industrial designer. This brand provides a rare fusion of craft, design, and art in a continuous blending of raw ideas. These pieces take inspiration from Florentine designs and practices but have been updated with a contemporary twist. NAD Lab designs are made in Italy with Italian talent and craftsmanship.”