There are two reasons to be interested in something that fits into an accepted style and/or historical period of design: either you are trying to match an existing interior context or you are striving to do something interesting and different, to add a bit of funk to a drab and undecorated interior design.


Elmira Stoveworks caters a fairly large variety of periods and styles with some appliances bordering on truly historical and others that are fashionably interpretive of designs-that-were. Some are complex combination pieces complete with work spaces, stoves, ovens and vent hoods while others are simple classics like a combined refrigerator-and-freezer unit that looks like something straight out of the 1950s, from color to hardware.


In some ways, these look even better out of context – perhaps put into a dull and boring apartment design that needs a retro infusion to give it some flavor, or a good way to offset an otherwise overly-minimalist layout. The color variety is also impressive – sure to suit even the most atrocious of 1970s color schemes if desired.