modular living room furniture

So you want more clever cabinets, dynamic drawers, stylish shelves and an all-around more engaging entertainment center for your living room? One option is to split the (design) difference and pick out pieces to assemble into something unique and unorthodox. Who knows, the whole furniture set might becomes far more than the sum of its parts – like a game of Tetris or set of toy LEGOs in the right hands.

Customize living room layout

In many ways, using smaller furnishings to create a large effect gives you (or your designer) much more control over the finished project and aesthetic ‘fit’ to a home. Much sleeker than single-unit prefabs, these modular furniture elements can arranged and stacked to create configurations that conform to larger design ideas about a given room, space or entire house.

Alf DaFre Day System

While ordering these particular customizable modular furniture systems from Alf Da Fre might not make your holiday shopping list, you do not have to purchase the specific products to buy into or be inspired by the idea. Instead of thinking of each piece of living room furniture as an object, try thinking outside of the (entertainment center) box and looking at the larger picture.

Modular living room components

Day collection is a versatile system for all rooms within the home, offering complete compositional freedom. Storage units, shelves, back panels, benches and drawers to create traditional modules or new compositions which present a play of filled and empty space. The numerous finishes can be matched to varied tastes and requirements.”

Alf DaFre products
My Space by Alf DaFre

A collection, a distinguished response to novel home living requirements, which relies on two primary references: functionality and aesthetics. My space, the new definition of a living area. A range which designs the bookcase as the functional centre of daily life, providing maximum versatility when it comes to the composition and style. Bookcase with side panels providing excellent versatility across the thickness. The system is characterised by 35 mm sides and shelves which bring to the forefront, the quality and solidity.”