Stylish and interactive, this kit-of-parts couch, chair and stool system could be easily mistaken for a finished series of furniture designs. Once you know what to look for, though, each interchangeable modular object becomes visually legible on a whole new level.

Deconstructing the conceptual?Modi system from Moredesign, one finds it is not as simple as it first appears. The black base is a straightforward framework in which one can ‘plug’ various white cushion elements to create various kinds and configurations of useful seating.

Stood side by side, these can stretch to make full-length, L-shaped or other wrap-around couch and guest-bed sets. Pulled apart, the padded-but-rigid corner, back and armrest-hight elements enable one to create ottomans and individual chairs.

But the proof, to paraphrase, is in the final product: at the end of the day, the results look like fine furniture creations that could have come from a fashionable European designer rather than the do-it-yourself resident who gets to put them together.