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Between shoes, coats, sunglasses, handbags and umbrellas, entranceways can get cluttered quickly. Organizers made for these spaces tend to be bulky or require drilling holes in the wall, but the Leaning Loop corrals all sorts of small items in one slender silhouette that fits virtually anywhere, even if you’re dealing with a small living space.

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Designed by Jason van der Burg, the Leaning Loop is a multi-purpose organizer made of salvaged solid ash wood with pegs for clothing, bags and other hanging items as well as a perforated steel shoe shelf, and a sculpted upper ‘catch-all’ shelf for small items like keys.

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A custom insert panel makes it easy to swap out a magnetic mirror, blackboard or whiteboard depending on your needs. Small bumpers on the back and at the bottom keep the organizer from scuffing up your wall.

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No wall attachment is necessary – since it’s designed to lean perfectly with gravy holding it in place, adding more items just makes it more stable.