Skip the stylish brands on the shelves and overlook the stylized logos – this brand is speaking right to you in direct (and rather humorous) statements printed in simple font against bare one-color backgrounds.

This is not exactly debranding in a pure sense, but close to it. The ‘logo’ – if it can be called that – is not in any special typeface and simply tells you the store name and web address. The ‘brand’ is built on sayings that are generic and overused to the point of being funny only when employed with this simple implied sarcasm.

Mucca Design (photos via EatMeDaily) wanted to do something different to make a local store stand out from its surroundings – and let you bring the sense of humor imbued in their packaging designs back home to stock in your own cupboards for future use. By appealing to the trendy anti-brand movement these designers manage to blend kitsch, cliche and humor in a creative new way.