Sculptural shelving systems don’t just keep your things organized, they also make for great works of art. When they’re modular and customizable, they become even more useful, adapting to your changing needs and decor schemes. KUR!O offers all of these benefits and more thanks to a clever “plug and play” design that couldn’t be easier to install and use.

The KUR!O customizable shelving system makes for great wall art in and of itself.

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The system consists of wall mounted boards with slots that vertical and horizontal shelves simply slide into. The shelves themselves are slotted, too, so you can put them together in all kinds of configurations, creating grids and other shapes as you go. The boards and panels come in a variety of colors and sizes, and one set can be expanded just by adding additional units, so you could potentially fill an entire wall with your own custom storage and display setup, if you felt so inclined.

No tools are required to change the layout of the shelves, so you can easily make changes whenever you want. The panels are thin but made of steel, which means they can still support heavy objects like books. All of the materials are moisture-resistant, too, so they can even be installed in bathrooms or above the stove in your kitchen.

Close-up shots of the KUR!O shelving modules, revealing the slits in each piece that keep the whole system together.

They’re also perfect for collections, whether yours consist of art, found objects form nature, adorable cat figurines, or just bottles and bottles of spices. The slotted shelves and panels make it possible to create larger or smaller openings to frame different sized objects, and you can always move them around to accommodate new things.

The shelving system’s official Kickstarter page reads: “Originally developed as a modern day curiosity cabinet for wondrous things, KUR!O became a much more comprehensive shelving system. Individual applications may be as broad as a bookshelf, a bottle display, coat hanger, plant shelf, spice rack, art display…you name it. We all know that our entrance area actually requires more than a coat hanger. We have keys, sunglasses, scarves, a wallet, a watch, some jewelry, a USB stick, and what not…KUR!O offers an all-in-one solution to place your little everyday belongings in one stylish place. The sticks come in really handy here!”

A bright red KUR!O shelving system makes for a great accent in this sparse room.

Assembling new KUR!O set-ups is as easy as sliding a few pieces around.

A simple gray KUR!O system makes for impeccable organization in cluttered areas like the kitchen.

“Lots of little bits and pieces gather in our bathrooms, often in undefined places. How about keeping them all in order and creating a beautiful arrangement of beauty products? Thanks to [its] moisture-resistant materials, KUR!O could be a stylish solution for your bathroom. Some of us love to collect things. Found objects from nature, or manmade pieces of art. The original idea for KUR!O was to create a modular shelf to display these wondrous things while being able to change them through over time. So if you collect stuff, KUR!O is a no-brainer!”

Little boy places his favorite toys on a sleek gray and pink KUR!O shelving system.

Winner of a prestigious Gold A’Design Award in 2019 in the furniture category, the KUR!O system is manufactured in Germany using a high-density wood fiber compound and powder coated steel. You can get the boards in black, blue, gray, chocolate, red, or ochre, and the shelves come in brighter shades like white, yellow, and turquoise. KUR!O is still in the process of crowdfunding and slated to go into production later this year.