Up and Away kite lamp

Luminous and uplifting, these kite-shaped lighting designs are made to be wall-mounted or hung from the ceiling, and intentionally recall the (albeit apocryphal) story of Benjamin Franklin flying his own electricity experiment in 1750.

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“Up and Away” is a clever modern lighting fixture that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike, bringing a sense of playfulness into the room while also elevating its aesthetics. Its cord acts as a natural “kite string,” and all it needed to complete the effect was a diamond shape.

kite shaped wall lamp

Utilizing cutting-edge LED-in-GLASS technology, the smooth surface presents diffused direct and indirect illumination that is at once practical and playful and reinforces the black-framed kite shape.

“By attempting to humanize a new lighting technology through an image of a kite-an object that is closely connected to our childhood and memories, is perhaps our way of completing the story,” says the designer.

The piece was designed by outofstock for Milan Design Week, and follows from the group’s ongoing focus on simple-but-unusual items that stand out and make a statement requiring little description and elementary-but-new modes of production.

kite shaped hanging lamp

About the designer:

“Outofstock hails from the lovely lovely city of Barcelona, Spain, an exquisite and inspiring locale, where, one imagines, it just might be refreshing and relaxing to sit back and fly a kite. The city has enough parks so that this would be no mean challenge. And though you might be tempted, resist the urge to ‘fly’ Outofstock’s iconic Up and Away wall/pendant lamp. The company intends for this intriguing piece to be a bellwether for their credo of ‘humanizing new lighting technology.’ And so it is. What better way to enjoy a smart and slick new fixture than by hearkening back to one’s halcyon days? And what better way to bring a new shape in ambient lighting into the public purview?”