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Like something out of a contemporary fairy tale, this appealing conceptual lighting system by Billy May seems a perfect fit for almost any space – something that can contrast and/or compliment both modern interiors and somewhat funkier space designs.


Nicknamed Hang Nail, Dog Ear and Crevice, this designer boiled his idea into three essential manifestations for various wall conditions – specifically, flats, edges and corners. The design itself was inspired by those ordinary surfaces we see every day: wallpaper pealing, paint chipping or a poster slipping slowly away from a surface.


Even beyond the initial shock factor or seeing light coming from a peel in a wall or corner, these lights cast delicate shadows around them and can be placed to illuminate a room in more complex ways than many wall or ceiling light fixtures.


While these are not yet in production, one could easily imagine not only a market for them but also their relative ease of construction and attachment. Most complex is probably the need for them to be blended after-the-fact with an existing wall through mudding, taping and painting.