Creative types and design enthusiasts tend to have all kinds of spare interesting objects hanging around the house. But figuring out what to do with all of that cool stuff can be a problem, particularly for those of us with limited DIY skills.

Loose Joints is a project from design school graduate Joscha Weiand that lets anyone create furniture, storage or nearly anything else imaginable with objects they already own.

The Loose Joints set consists of simple wooden poles and white plastic connectors that are about the size of dice. These components are mass produced but can be used to create completely unique objects that are purely yours.

Joscha Weiand has created plenty of fantastic inventions with the kit already: pendant lights, clocks, chairs, tables, and storage objects, to name a few. Most require several sets of poles and connectors to complete, but the only limit to what you can create is your own imagination.

Using the poles, connectors and any number of objects already on hand, the kit allows you to let your creativity take over. The set is like a grown-up version of kids’ building toys, but the result is useful as well as fun.