funky modular modern bench
If this bench looks like a hodgepodge accumulation of parts more than a coherent work of contemporary furniture design, it may be because it is precisely that: a collection of pieces assembled as desired from a set of prefabricated objects ranging from magazine racks and trash bins to half-chair seats, colorful cushions and standing lamps.
funky minimalist modular bench
Customers can pick and choose what pieces to add and in what order. The basic benches themselves and slots for objects are clean, simple and elegant, leaving the detail to do the talking so to speak. Modular parts like the patterned cushions and webbed chair seats thus become the focal point of the design, drawing the eye and attracting people to sit and interact with them.
funky outdoor seating designs

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AllPlus specializes in indoor and outdoor public and office seating, but their otherwise minimalist modern metal bench designs always seem to come with some kind of aesthetic twist – whether it be a curved metal edge or a stunning splash of color.