upcycle fetish wall mounted bike trophies

Displaying trophies of taxidermied animal heads on your wall is passé – and pretty gross. Designer Andreas Scheiger has completely transformed the idea of wall trophies with his series of functional bike part wall hangings. Using old bike saddles and handlebars, he creates a fun but useful piece of art that bears a striking resemblance (shape-wise, anyway) to the far less friendly traditional wall trophy.

upcycled bike part wall trophies

Each “head” consists of a bike seat with handlebars mounted just above that, both on a wooden plaque. No two are alike as the designer uses found parts to make each trophy unique. From parts that look almost new with their funky colors and patterns to the grizzled, falling-apart, well-loved pieces, each wall art item easily reflects the personality of its owner.

wall mounted upcycled bike part storage

The series, called Upcycle Fetish, also has a practical purpose as hanging storage. The handlebars on each piece hold everything from bikes to hats to umbrellas – whatever you need to keep up and off of the ground. Seeing the “trophies” in use makes them even more appealing since they are not only cruelty-free, but upcycled and useful. It makes for the perfect combination and a rather rad line of products.