No need to swap out your existing deadbolt with a newfangled device – this circular switch slots right over your locking mechanism, but shifts the method of unlocking to entirely new territory.

Designed by Jason Johnson and Yves Behar, the Smart Lock can sense your approach automatically, saving you the trouble of taking out your virtual ‘key’, or can be activated remotely for house guests or a forgetful child or spouse.

Further settings include the ability to allow certain persons to key in codes at particular times or on particular days, so a delivery can be made, dog can be walked or house can be cleaned, all without handing over a full-time means of access.

From the creators: “Have you ever lost your keys? I am willing to bet that 99% of us have. In the last year, 20% of Americans have been locked out of their homes at least once. Humanity has been carrying keys, sharp pieces of metal in our pockets, for 200 years…it’s time we think of something else.”