We all know that it’s important to keep our personal and business data safe online, yet we continue the dangerous practice of using public Wi-Fi networks on unsecured devices. Why don’t we take more care to protect our information and identities from would-be cyber thieves?
One reason is that it can be absolutely mind-boggling to sift through all of the options and figure out the best way to secure a device, especially for a person who’s not very tech-savvy.
The Keezel is a multitasking device that’s small enough to be portable and easy enough to set up and use entirely on your own, even if you’re not a tech whiz. It uses VPN technology and a network of its partners’ servers to secure your internet connection, regardless of whether you’re in a hotel, an airport, or a local library/coffee shop. And while traditional VPN connections tend to experience a lag in security while you’re connecting, the Keezel boasts a 100-percent-encrypted connection from the get-go.
The team behind Keezel promises that their device will keep your data and other confidential information out of the hands of hackers, internet service providers, higher-ups at the office, and anyone else who is snooping and up to no good.
“The Keezel defends you against such dangers as identity, credit card, and password theft, as well as account hijacking,” they explain. “In addition, the Keezel can protect your home network from the notorious vulnerabilities of IoT devices [Internet of Things, such as smart-home devices] by creating a separate encrypted network just for them.”
The unit has also been equipped with an ad-blocker and an anti-phishing filter to further frustrate would-be cybercrooks.
The Keezel maintains your privacy by splitting up all your information. The VPN partner providers handle the data itself, but they don’t actually know who you are since you’re only tagged with a special Keezel ID code (which itself is changed often). On the other hand, the Keezel company knows who you are but doesn’t have access to your online activity.
The Keezel can be controlled via your laptop, phone, or tablet, and it works with just about any internet browser. And you’re not only protected when you’re using Wi-Fi — because the Keezel also has a port for an Ethernet adapter, allowing you to connect to wired networks, too.
The Keezel’s large battery (we’re talking 8000+ mAh) has enough juice to last you the whole day, and if your phone’s battery is fading fast, you can just plug it in for a quick boost (the device itself uses a micro-USB charger).
Two cool features we like: If you’re staying in a hotel where you have to pay for Wi-Fi, you can use your Keezel to access it, then connect your laptop, tablet, iPad, or whatever else you’d like to it — after all, there’s only going to be one charge! If you take one Keezel with you on your trip and leave another at home, you can easily pair the two and access files on your home computer.

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By using the Keezel’s network of VPN providers, you’ll be able to access the internet via top-notch servers around the world, guaranteeing yourself the best service wherever you happen to be.