Inside London's swank new Bob Bob Cité restaurant.

Some eateries lure you in with their quirky interiors, others are famous for culinary magic, and many are popular simply for the celebrity clientele they serve. At the new Bob Bob Cité Restaurant in London, patrons can enjoy all three of these winning elements as part of a dining experience that will never be forgotten.

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First Impressions

Located near the London Stock Exchange, Bob Bob Cité employs a ticker tape motif all throughout its interiors as a sort of playful homage to it neighbors. More specifically, it’s located in the Leadenhall Building, affectionately dubbed “The Cheesegrater” by locals based on its appearance. But these lighthearted touches are immediately trumped by the way diners enter the location.

One of the dining booths featured in London's new Bob Bob Cité restaurant.

Instead of going through regular entrance doors, a private elevator whisks patrons straight up to the third level of the building. There, a host awaits to take any bags and coats and lead the guests themselves to their dining booths. The restaurant hovers nearly 100 feet above the ground floor atrium. As guests catch their breath and settle into their cushy seats, they start to notice the opulence of their surroundings.

Decadent Details

One of three private dining rooms featured in London's new Bob Bob Cité restaurant.

Leonid Shutov, renowned for his adored Bob Bob Ricard restaurant in Soho, created this mecca with Shayne Brady, who previously teamed with Emily Williams to co-found the London-based BradyWilliams. Bob Bob Cité’s decor has been described as out-of-this world futuristic with a dash of cruise ship casino.

Grids of vertical beams and columns line the open ceilings, which themselves are dressed in dazzling stainless steel and rich rosewood panels. There are also 800 custom-made lighting fixtures in here, including 24 chandeliers that light up 7.7 miles of glistening steel trim secured with 48,000 hand-polished snake eye screws.

Red and blue dining rooms set up to serve 264 flank the brasserie’s red bar. Also nearby are three private rooms that hold only 18 people for private, intimate gatherings, each one of which boasts its own anteroom for socializing prior to dining. All patrons enjoy lavish floors made from a mixture of engineered stone and Strata tiles.

The Pièce de Résistance

The famous "Press for Champagne" button at every dining booth in London's new Bob Bob Cité restaurant.

The glitz and glitter of Bob Bob Cité is undeniably overwhelming, but the feature most mentioned by patrons of the upscale eatery is the “Press for Champagne” button, which almost instantly makes a fresh glass of the French favorite appear in front of you. No wait, no limit, and no questions asked, it’s a magical service heretofore only available in dreams.

The Menu

Not surprisingly, the menu at Bob Bob Cité is as impressive as the décor. Humbly called classic French country cuisine, chef Éric Chavot and his squad consistently turn out amazing dishes. Truffles are abundant in all course offerings, along with a variety of wild mushrooms, caviar, the highest-quality proteins, and fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Menu favorites include Beef Wellington, 1.5 pound fresh lobsters, a gardener’s pie brimming with truffles, and the restaurant’s many indulgent choices for fish lovers.

Beef Wellington from London's ultra-luxurious new Bob Bob Cité restaurant.

This $30 million restaurant took around five years to come to fruition, which is probably why its one of the most anticipated projects to hit London in several years. Reservations may take months to procure and prices are high, but for a special occasion or a spot that’s sure to make a spectacular first impression, Bob Bob Cité just can’t be beat.