Sebastian Errazuriz Narcissus fruit bowl

Artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz is best known for his incredible mind-bending furniture, but he also consistently makes some of the most novel and innovative objects we’ve ever seen. His design objects are lesser known works, but no less deserving of the spotlight (and no less weird than the rest of his stuff.) Take, for instance, items you might find in any ordinary kitchen or dining room, except… stranger.

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Sebastian Errazuriz T for Two

Perfect for any pair of lovers (or at least good friends), this split cup-and-saucer design is a good excuse to get close to someone you care about – or perhaps get to know a stranger better at your local coffee shop. It’s called T for Two, and was produced in collaboration with the manufacturer Kikkerland.

Sebastian Errazuriz fruit bowl table mesa
Sebastian Errazuriz fruit bowl table series

Fruit bowls are typical centerpieces of many dining room tables, so why not cut or carve a bowl right into the wood of the table itself? Clever and simple, each of these ideas is at least inspiring if not downright practical or conventional. Sebastian has also created some curious works in the realm of fashion, including an all-zipper dress and a stuffed animal fur coat.

About Sebastian Errazuriz

“Chilean born, New York based Artist, Designer and Activist , Sebastian Errazuriz received international acclaim for his original and provocative works on a variety of disciplines. Blurring the boundaries between contemporary art, tech and design. His work is always surprising and compelling, inviting the viewer to look again at realities that were often hidden in plain sight.”

Sebastian Errazuriz cutting board

“In 2019 Sebastian Errazuriz presented Blue Marble, a monumental public live video of Earth from a NASA satellite as an attempt to provide a platform to see ourselves from a macro perspective. Errazuriz. In 2015 Errazuriz was invited by Times Square Arts to present his public art installation ‘A Pause in the City that Never Sleeps’ on 50 giant screens in Times Square. The same year Errazuriz was the honoree for the Gala of the NY Museum of art and Design. In 2014 Sebastian Errazuriz was subject of a Museum retrospective at The Carnegie Museum of Art. He was also invited to give 2 Tedx Talks. Gestalten launched a monograph of his work in 2013.”