IKEA floating night market after dark

Inspired by the floating night markets of Asia, IKEA launched its new collection of home furnishings in the Regent Canal during London Design Week. For one night only, visitors boarded small boats at dusk to get an exclusive glimpse at a range of new furniture, organized by color on narrow floating platforms. This night market is unlike any you’ve ever seen before (unless you happen to be from Thailand or thereabouts).

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IKEA floating night market London Design
IKEA floating night market cocktails

Entering through a black-and-white tent made of IKEA textiles, visitors were first served cocktails and then ushered onto boats to view each individual display.

IKEA floating night market bedding
IKEA floating night market display

The Swedish retailer’s signature modern furniture was arranged on each miniature barge, heaped with textiles in shades of green, blue, purple, yellow and red.

IKEA floating night market pink gondola
IKEA floating night market colorful

IKEA brand ambassadors perched on each one supplied guests with information about the collection. Some even served food. More photos from the visitor’s point of view are available at NOTCOT.org and IKEA UK’s Facebook.

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“Retailers have been bound by the traditional brick and mortar facilities for so many years to advertise their products. IKEA’s recent  product  introduction has bi-passed the hard – sturdy traditional design with the moveable floating boat. In a small body of water in the middle of Regent’s Canal in Islington during  London’s pre-Design Week, IKEA placed a few open boats loaded with set designs and their new product collections, sold tickets for the venue and off they went.”

IKEA floating night market vendor
IKEA floating night market

“Colorful displays, gondolas parading around with products, rides for visitors, all in London’s  Regent’s Canal. The gondolas were decorated in IKEA fabrics and pillows,  carrying  visitors along the canal to visit anchored boats housed in color-themed selections featuring new products from IKEA. Provoking feelings of the night lights of  foreign  markets these floating product collections enabled spectators to enjoy cocktails while awaiting rides and lounge in the home decor, just like at home (without the boat).”