Casetta canopy bed

There is something primal about our reaction to a house-shaped structure – that outline we are familiar with from the day we start drawing our homes with crayons as children. This minimalist bed canopy design takes this distilled typology and applies it to the place we desire to feel most at peace and at home – our beds.

Minimalist Casetta Bed design

Designed by Nathan Yong, the Casetta is simply white-painted wood with no frills or complex details, made up of uniformly-thick support elements throughout. There’s very little to it, yet the design is so pleasing because it speaks to our psychology and what makes us feel safe.

“I was inspired by my house when I was a little kid,” says the designer. “I stay in a wooden house like a cabin and me and my siblings would even climb onto the roof top to explore our environment. By having a bed that look like an archetype house within a room, it blurred our concept of indoor and outdoor and suggest our curiousness and exploration of our environment.”

House-shaped bed canopy detail

Intentionally unmatched side tables of rough wooden trunks add a bit of texture and color but keeps things likewise simple. The focus remains on the archetypal gabled house shape and its protective, sheltering qualities. Those qualities still feel present in the minimalist design, despite the fact that it’s so open to the room. Just add curtains and draw them around the frame as desired to intensify the sheltered feeling of the design.

Casetta in Canada is a four-poster bed for Nathan Jong Mogg, solid wood structure of lacquered white ash. Casetta in Canada is a bed flavor playful and fun, reminiscent in its structure the shape of the house drawn by children. The designer is able to create a space of comfort that take refuge and sleep comfortably. Absolutely capable of being the protagonist of your bedroom.”