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It should be said first: the design of this – even without the quirky built-in television concept – is itself sigh-worthy for fans of contemporary curves, light-weight materials, or just minimalist white beds … but are still curious about adding a canopy for privacy, aesthetic or functional reasons.

A length of white fabric is stretched between bendable side supports, providing a balance of flexibility and stability for the canopy frame and cover material. The entire piece can also be taken apart for washing, or re-purposed as a privacy screen or interior room divider in the bedroom or otherwise. In many ways, this concept is both more practical/efficient but also more engaging than traditional canopies that rely on excessive decoration to make a statement.

And now for the TV. Yes, you can project your favorite shows up on the surface of the material of the canopy as well, but be warned: if you have trouble sleeping, a high-tech hybrid bed plus built-in television might just keep up you later than you want. Kris Van den Berghe created this as a graduate school design thesis project, however, so it is safe to say he was probably not getting much sleep anyway at the time of its creation!