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Himalayan salt, a rock salt from the Punjab region of Pakistan, has become the latest health fad due to a number of benefits that it is said to possess. Being less processed than both table salt and sea salt, it is Himalayan salt is considered the purest form out there and the best for human consumption.
However, it isn’t just for eating. Himalayan salt can actually clean the air around you, as well as bring a more harmonious vibe to your home. One way many people have chosen to integrate this into their living space is by using salt lamps. These lamps absorb circulating water vapors from the air that can contain pet dander, smoke particles, pollen, or even harmful bacteria and viruses, and they are attractive and inviting. With their pinkish-orange color, they give off a beautiful calming light while they work to benefit your health. Saltean, a company that aims to bring us back to our more natural surroundings, offers a variety of salt lamps that cater to different tastes, styles, and needs.
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How Do These Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

Himalayan salt is hygroscopic, which means it attracts water molecules to itself that may contain particles that are harmful to your health. When the salt retains these vapors, the air around you becomes cleaner and fresher, which can improve your breathing. These microscopic compounds remain on the salt instead of circulating through your environment. That’s where the “lamp” comes in. The heat from the light bulb causes the water to dry and traps the pollutants onto the salt, which allows it to continue working to clean your air. The water vapors are re-released into the air as clean molecules free of pollutants. Depending on your environment, the volume of pollutants in the air, and your breathing abilities, Himalayan salt lamps come in different shapes and sizes to ensure every need is met.

Which Salt Lamp is Perfect for Me?

Saltean has a full line of Himalayan salt products to choose from, and each serves a specific purpose. The Natural Salt Lamp works to detoxify the air, increase blood flow and energy levels, help you focus and concentrate better, and even aids in creating healthier sleep patterns.
leaf shaped salt lamp
Another great choice is the Leaf Salt Lamp. This boasts a more exotic leaf shape that is ideal for any room in your home. Like the natural variety, the Leaf Salt Lamp increases blood flow and energy levels, but is also beneficial in stress reduction, relaxation therapy, and can help in the treatment of conditions like dementia or insomnia.
The Drop Salt Lamp is designed to resemble a drop of water and aims to help with sinus ailments and reduce redness or swelling. It is perfect for the bedroom, as it can work while you sleep.
If lamps aren’t your cup of tea, Saltean also offers other products made of Himalayan salt that also contain the same properties. From cooking plates that cleanse your food, to the chunk bowl for a different appeal, the company gives you many choices in introducing Himalayan salt into your everyday life.
himalayan salt cooking plate
chunks bowl salt
With the amount of benefits this mineral may offer, why not invite a little beauty, health, and peace into your home?