Usually, staged photos show off new rugs against a lovely (if implausible) new-room backdrop, highlighting what the product might look like inside a perfect home.

Photographer Jason Madara worked with ABC Carpet & Home on a somewhat different approach, using abandoned places with peeling paint to show high-contrast possibilities.

Faded teals compliment dull oranges, while rich purples are pitted against mustard yellows – the effect is compelling. And for people living in truly old structures, it might not be that unrealistic, either.

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“The collection is the latest manifestation of the iconic series of artistic over-dyed rugs from ABC. Staying true to the philosophy of utilising the power of colour to reinvent and recreate, Color Reform Spectrum continues to embrace the transformational strength of colour by applying the Color Reform concept to new rugs created with the intention of being over-dyed. Each one-of-a-kind rug was individually and intricately handmade and over-dyed by Pakistani artisans to create the remarkable chromatic compositions in a seemingly endless exotic palette.”