DryMate - an energy efficient tumble dryer with vacuum technolog

Dryers are notorious for shrinking and damaging clothes, but a clothesline is not always an option for those of us pressed for time (or living in small spaces, for that matter). This ‘best of both worlds’ solution combines the gentleness of line drying with the compact convenience of a traditional clothing dryer. It just happens to look pretty cool, too.

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Dubbed the DryMate by German industrial designer Nico Kläber, this condensation-based concept appliance helps protect apparel from normal wear associated with tumble dryers that use heat as the primary mechanism for evaporating water. It “sucks” the water out of the clothes and other textiles in a process that might not sound gentler than heat, but apparently is.

drymate dryer concept open

Of course, there are green side benefits to all of this as well – not to mention cost savings – if the efficient vacuum technology can reduce the heat (and therefore energy) required to wring the water out of your clothes.

Drymate dryer concept scale

Oh yes, and the design itself is quite an elegant piece of work too: a simple and clear front-loading circle door, and a water draining area shaped like a liquid drop to show how your clothing is slowly being drained of moisture. What would make this even neater? How about hooking it up so the excess water is filtered and sent back to the washer. Talk about green, that would be a great use of gray water if it could be made to work.

Drymate dryer concept drawer

“DryMate – A tumble dryer with Vacuum Technology +++ – “DryMate” is a vacuum clothes dryer that through its new vacuum condensation technology dries clothes at lower temperatures and thereby safes energy and conserves clothing.”

About designer Nico Kläber:

“I have a strong interest in strategic and conceptual thinking, multidisciplinary design solutions and design management. I am a design generalist with focus on industrial design.”