Dust pans suck — but then again, maybe the real problem is that they actually don’t suck. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t get all the dirt you’ve swept off the floor into the pan unless you make a second pass with a different tool like a Swiffer. This isn’t exactly a problem worthy of an exaggerated infomercial dramatization, but nobody wants to spend more time cleaning than they have to or lug out a full-sized vacuum cleaner just to take care of a small job. Lucky for us all, a new product called VaBroom is hoping to fill this gap by combining a standard broom with the suction-powered equivalent of a hand-held vacuum.

The VaBroom multipurpose broom picks food scraps up off the floor.

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Three key features make the VaBroom a pretty handy replacement for your current broom: pressure-activated vacuum power, cordless charging, and a super lightweight construction. Some people will undoubtedly argue that simple is best and that their regular brooms and dust pans have done the job for centuries. But consider the fact that not everyone has the physical ability to lift heavy cleaning equipment or bend over repeatedly, and you’ll see that the VaBroom also has the old cleaning supplies beat in the way of accessibility. Besides, it’s the 21st century. It’s about time the broom got a technological upgrade.

The VaBroom multipurpose broom.

According to its manufacturers, VaBroom is capable of sucking up a lot more than just the random debris you sweep up off your floors multiple times a week. It can also handle broken glass, dust bunnies, sand, pebbles, pet food, kitty litter, small pieces of spilled food, hair clippings, and more. Just sweep like you normally do, tilt the pressure-activated suction nozzle onto the floor, and the broom will do the rest. Everything the broom collects will then be deposited in its built-in one-cup storage compartment, which itself opens with the push of a quick-release button. And since the broom weighs a mere 30 ounces, you’ll find that it’s incredibly easy to lift over the trash when it comes time to empty it out.

The VaBroom multipurpose broom in action. Woman uses VaBroom to clean up a household mess.

VaBroom is powered by four AA batteries and gets an average of over 500 uses per charge, so you can go a pretty long time without worrying about it running out of juice. All of this means you no longer need a dustpan at all. In fact, if you have hardwood or tile floors instead of carpets, you might be able to ditch your vacuum, too.

The VaBroom multipurpose broom in action.

The broom’s creators explain: “The nozzle design evolved from sequential testing to maximize suction and ease of use. Additionally, we tested numerous combinations of motors, impellers, and power sources to dial-in the best solution while keeping VaBroom lightweight. Once the proper function was achieved by our engineers, our industrial design team then completed an iterative approach at refining VaBroom. Customer surveys were completed with hundreds of participants, and improvements were developed based on direct feedback from the user.”

The last step was to make VaBroom beautiful. Now that function had been maximized, we wanted to give VaBroom a modern, sleek look — again, based on feedback from hundreds of users, we arrived at our current colorways, textures, and finish.”

Woman uses VaBroom to clean up a household mess.

Currently raising funds on Kickstarter for production, VaBroom is available to backers for as little as $39, with an eventual retail price of $59. Plus, estimated delivery for these pre-orders is October 2019 — just in time for holiday gifting (hint hint).