Some people are so obsessed with ranch dressing, they put it on everything from spaghetti and meatballs to pancakes. If you’re one of them, hold onto your hat. You can now put ranch all over your house, minus the mess. Hidden Valley has released its own line of interior decor celebrating its most popular dressing and one of its more controversial uses: as a dipping sauce for pizza. You can even luxuriate on a $10,000 pizza-shaped couch while you create abominable flavor combinations with your favorite condiment.

Pizza and ranch wallpaper featured in the new Hidden Valley Home Collection.

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To create the Hidden Valley Home Collection, the brand teamed up with Dani Dazey, an interior designer known for her over-the-top, graphic, and incredibly bright style. The results are the opposite of minimalist, including wallpaper, tablecloths, a fleece throw, placemats, notebooks, and more in two of Dazey’s custom prints. One print features bottles of Hidden Valley ranch dressing and slices of ranch-covered pepperoni pizza, all in shades of blue, green, and orange, while the other is just a tad more subtle with a repeating ranch bottle motif in green and blue tones.

Ranch-themed placemats from the Hidden Valley Home Collection.

Ranch-themed tablet case and pouch from the Hidden Valley Home Collection.

You could ranch up your dining room with the placemats ($30 for a set of two), the coaster set ($20 for four), the 100-percent cotton tablecloth ($90), and the wallpaper ($75 for a two-by-eight-foot panel). Extend the theme to the bathroom with the ranch-themed shower curtain and bath mat set ($60). Set yourself up for sweet dreams of cool ranch flavor with the 100-percent cotton bed in a bag set (starting at $190 for a comforter, shams, and a throw pillow).

Ranch-themed bedding from the Hidden Valley Home Collection, with prints designed by Dani Dazey.

The sherpa blanket ($65), acrylic trays ($40), ranch art print ($30), notebook ($18), and pouch ($20) round out the collection. And lest you wonder whether anyone is a big enough fan of the pizza-and-ranch combo to buy the couch that serves as the centerpiece of the Hidden Valley Home Collection, we’ll let this tidbit of information speak for itself: it’s sold out. Bright yellow with a cute rounded back, it comes with matching ranch-bottle-shaped throw pillows.

Dani Dazey’s eye-popping interior decor has been a big hit on TikTok for a while now, but she got an even bigger boost after serving as the primary designer of Trixie Motel. Her process of custom-creating all of the decor for drag queen Trixie Mattel’s renovated Palm Springs resort was documented on the 2022 Discovery+ reality series Trixie Motel. Dazey certainly isn’t new to attention-grabbing designs, so it’s no surprise that Hidden Valley chose her to bring their concept to life.

The complete set of bold, maximalist pieces designed by Dani Dazey for the Hidden Valley Home Collection.

Dazey told Today that she thought her style was perfect for the collaboration. “I could not believe it when Hidden Valley Ranch asked me to design a home collection for their brand because I’m such a huge fan,” she said, adding that the “bold flavor” of the dressing matches her design aesthetic. In this case, “maximal design meets maximum flavor.” Dazey drew from influences like Andy Warhol and his famous Campbell’s soup can when coming up with her graphic prints.

Two women laugh and enjoy ranch-dipped pizza on the maximalist pizza couch from the Hidden Valley Home collection, designed by Dani Dazey.

“We enlisted Dani Dazey for her colorful and bold designs,” says Deb Crandall, Hidden Valley Ranch’s Marketing Director. “In addition to the pieces Dani Dazey designed, Hidden Valley Ranch extended the home collection with even more items designed with even more ranch because when it comes to ranch, more is always better.”