plastic blow vases

If you’ve ever seen a glass blower at work, you know just how involved and complex the process can be. The results that it produces, however, are spectacular. The same things are true of Studio Ruben der Kinderen and these oddly beautiful blown plastic vases.

der kinderen blown plastic vases

Dutch designer Ruben der Kinderen uses ordinary materials to make extraordinary functional art pieces. He starts with a plastic (PET) tube which he briefly warms and softens in a toaster oven. He then attaches a bicycle pump and fits the bottom of the tube into a base that will hold the finished vase.

The next step in the process is really fascinating to watch. His DIY home-brewed contraption holds the base steady as der Kinderen pumps air into the plastic tube. The plastic expands and takes shape in a way similar to that of blown glass.

BLOW vases

When finished, these DIY vases look nearly as elegant as any designer glass vase. Der Kinderen was inspired to create the vases by the fact that most of us are unfamiliar with the manufacturing processes that go into making the objects we use every day. This project gives valuable insight into how a product comes to be a product. The unique vases can be purchased on Etsy.