A shift in perspective can shed new light on old designs – somehow this super-sized metal folding table or an otherwise-simple wood dining table for four seem unique, inviting interaction and contemplation despite their recognizable forms.

Los Angeles seems a suitable place for artist?Robert Therrien to install his larger-than-life creations. This sculptural furniture has sat inside minimalist modern gallery spaces but also been set up in public squares and green spaces, changing the experience with each context.?The choice of boring beiges, browns, greens and other conventional commercial colors is very intentional – the more familiar they would otherwise feel, the more strange they seem when blown so far out of scale.

Spent enough time walking around (or underneath) such creations, and you might just find your own living or dining room furniture feels smaller than ever – yet also more comfortably sized that you remember it being. If nothing else, you will sigh with relief at the much smaller stack of dishes waiting in the sink to be cleaned when you get home!