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After a party, it can be disconcerting to see so many disposable dishes in the trash, knowing that they’re a drain on the environment. On the other hand, you just don’t have enough real dishes to serve all of those people. A product from Belgian startup Do Eat could take care of your dishes dilemma once and for all while also helping to save the environment.
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The company has created a line of edible, folding dishes that are heavy enough to stand up to liquidy food but will readily dissolve in water (or saliva and stomach acid). The dishes come in flat sheets with folding instructions. You fold them up origami-style to make one of four sizes of plates. They are made of potato starch and water, are completely tasteless and have a texture similar to potato chips.
edible plates
The material adheres to itself when wet, so dabbing a bit of water on the corners or on overlapping segments will hold the plates together. You can choose to eat the plates along with the food, to eat them after your meal, or simply to submerge them in water and watch them dissolve. It’s an edible protective coating that keeps the plates from degrading while you’re eating, and water will eventually dissolve them into nothing.
do eat edible plates

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Each size comes in packs of 25; you have the option of buying them pre-folded, but you’ll pay a little extra for the convenience. Do Eat dishes have already been flying off of the virtual shelves in Belgium since 2013. The company now has a Kickstarter campaign aimed at breaking the products into the rest of the world.