serrewoning greenhouse home

Greenhouse design principles are becoming increasingly integrated with home solar heating strategies, the heat of the sun drawn in through expansive windows and then trapped within super-insulated interiors. This particular greenhouse building also references the aesthetics of its inspiration, with glass on all sides selectively shielded by interior layers where privacy is desired.

heat trapping solar prefab

Shaped and structured like an industrial greenhouse, this design by architects Verdickt & Verdickt features exposed steel supports, broadly spaced windows and a barn-shaped a-frame configuration all very evident from the exterior. Once inside, however, modern furniture, clean lines, and white walls and ceilings contrasted with black floors and granite countertops all give this a sleek minimalist look

greenhouse home interior

In some ways, the interior design aesthetic is a natural extension of the bare-bones exterior but is nonetheless a radical departure from what one expects to find within a greenhouse. Because it is constructed using prefabricated metal parts and standard industrial-sized windows this home was also relatively inexpensive to construct (as well as being cheap to heat of course).

prefab greenhouse home dining room

“The realization of a budget-friendly home with maximum experience of space on a plot with traditional urban development regulations formed the basis for the concept of a greenhouse house.”

“Age-old trees, the last witnesses to a parceled park zone, characterize the site. The green location and the development of a new typology for affordable homes bound by traditional building codes form the starting points for the concept of a greenhouse house.”

greenhouse home by verdickt

“This ready-made freely divisible steel structure, enclosed with a curtain wall of conservatory profiles, forms the archetype of the living box. The hull forms a qualitative continuous space across the different building layers, the further interpretation is free. Through a detailed detailing, a thorough standardization, a very low K-value, the integration of ecologically responsible techniques, minimal use of materials and maximum spatiality, a sustainable home is created for an affordable price.”