Synagogue to New York City Penthouse living room

High ceilings, big windows and an open floor plan are all things a synagogue and a stylish modern loft space fortunately have in common, making this immaculate interior conversion project by Manifold a perfect fit design between old and new architectural uses. The former religious space has been transformed into a luxury New York City penthouse with architectural details to die for.

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Synagogue to New York City Penthouse converted

What were once spaces for worship remain places for reflection, but where windows were adorned with colored glass clear glazing now allows for amazing views out on the East Village from this elegant three-story home.

Synagogue to New York City Penthouse outdoor space
Synagogue to New York City Penthouse terrace

A synagogue until a few decades ago, the building was first divided into multiple living units before being reopened, reconnected and turned into a wonderful multi-story adaptive reuse residence in a beautiful building right in the heart of Manhattan.

Synagogue to New York City Penthouse storage

More from the architects

“The relatively complex format of this unique triplex apartment was clarified through a spatial reconfiguration offering fluidity that was not present in its past conversion. Located in a landmarked synagogue, this penthouse apartment is one of five transformed in the 1980s within the former Beth Hamedrash Hagadol Andhe Ungarn near East Village’s Tompkins Square Park. The original designer had oddly defined the triplex, not utilizing the immense ceiling height, ignoring the possibilities to bring in the exterior through roof access introducing odd angles and inserting clunky details such as a heavy wooden stair, rendering the supposedly spacious living space tight and ungracious.The design re-evaluated the spatial possibilities together with the client’s request.”

Synagogue to New York City Penthouse bathroom

“A challenge was to maintain its historical qualities while improving on its spatial qualities. The design focused on refining the main living area and directing a flow from bottom to top with continuous design elements and glass throughout. This meant creating a comprehensive built-in around the main stair which encased the powder room, wine storage and media storage which angles from wide to narrow up towards the mezzanine. At the mezzanine, a library/lounge and walk-in closet replaced the previously awkward main bathroom and semi-bedroom/storage. The master bathroom was relocated to the top level, housed in a curved, fritted glass wall allowing the clients to relax in their tub while gazing onto the desirable outdoor terrace through a new glass fade.”