Wooden Bathtubs by ALEGNA Redondo

Combining German hand-crafting expertise and curved ship hull construction methods, these patterned wooden bathtubs bring drama to the bathroom to satisfy the eye and to soothe any aching back.

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Wooden Bathtubs by ALEGNA Laguna Lounger

Alegna specializes in exotic woods like wenge and mahogany that show off grain patterns with stark contrasts or work for lightweight-requiring (e.g. nautical) applications.

Wooden Bathtubs by ALEGNA Laguna Pearl
Wooden Bathtubs by ALEGNA Laguna Basic

Some of their tubs form monolithic built-in masses while others are free-standing and come with stone-filled surrounds. All are made to be equipped with jacuzzi features on demand. Nothing too avante garde, to be sure, but attractive all around.

Wooden Sinks by ALEGNA Laguna Pure

Beyond baths, their custom bathroom fixtures and furnishings include sinks and cabinets featuring the same attention to wood grain patterns and craft details, inward-flowing blocks of attractive woods.

ALEGNA calls its wooden bathtubs and washbasins “jewelry for the bathroom,” but that’s an understatement. These highly unusual bathing vessels are the center of attention, bringing the natural warmth of wood to a room that can often feel cold and impersonal.

Wooden Bathtubs by ALEGNA Redondo from above

As trained carpenters and yacht builders, we know fine woods and what we can expect them to do. We have been manufacturing wooden bathtubs and furniture for our customers for over 10 years. Each part is 100% handcrafted in a small village in the canton of Thurgau. In a complex process, unique items are created here for special bathrooms and precious moments.”

Wooden Bathtubs by ALEGNA Laguna black and white

“Selected wood veneers are pressed together under high pressure and completely saturated with resin. Chipping, soaking the wood with water or other, unsightly signs of wear and tear are therefore excluded. The extremely resistant coating guarantees optimal protection and a very long service life for the products. The noble wooden surfaces are not only visually impressive. They are also very easy to care for.”

Wooden Tubs by ALEGNA Laguna Spa

“Our products can be made from all imaginable types of wood. For example, many bathtubs are made of oak. A rather light wood, with an interesting wood structure. Walnut products are also a favorite. Walnut also has a very exciting wood structure, but is darker. These are just two of the favorites. “