Tilting Furniture XYZ 1
Just looking at photos of these sharply slanting tables and chairs might make you feel a bit of vertigo. The ’60’ series by XYZ Integrated Architecture looks like it’s being blown to one side by gale-force winds, tilting at a 60-degree angle. While you might wonder at first whether they’re just sculptural pieces, this furniture set is actually functional.
Tilting Furniture XYZ 2
Tilting Furniture XYZ 4
The ’60 red chair’ and ’60 blue table’ are made of brightly painted steel, with a design that looks unstable (especially the table, which has no visible supports.) The ’60 Console & Chair’ set is made of mahogany, with the seat and top upholstered in leather.
Tilting Furniture XYZ 3

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The playful photo series by the NakaniMamasaxlisi photo agency in Tbilisi, Georgia enhances the unusual angles with a precariously leaning model. XYZ also produced the Shamshiri cutlery set, a striking series of dining implements that fit together into a circle.