The Woojer Edge Haptic Vest

Some sounds are so good, they make you want to do more than just hear them — you need to feel them. Unfortunately, the closest we’ve been able to come to that absorptive zen experience so far is to back up into the giant bass speakers at a concert and let the deep vibrations flow through your body. But thanks to a new invention from the innovators over at Woojer, you’ll soon be able to transcend the barriers of normal hearing and actually feel the audio of music, video games, TV shows, and movies pulsing through your body from head to toe.

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What is Woojer Edge?

The Woojer team utilized haptic technology to create Woojer Edge. Simply put, haptic means relating to the sense of touch. It’s also called kinesthetic communication, in which your tactile perception is triggered by mid-air vibrations, emulating the impression of contact without physically touching anything. The Woojer Edge lets you go beyond the barriers of mere sound and physically sense the sounds as they vibrate through your body, increasing in intensity until you feel totally immersed and transported to a level of euphoria never before possible.

Man wears the Woojer Edge haptic audio technology around his chest

A gadget called the Oscillating Frame precisely replicates frequencies up to 500Hz, including subsonic frequencies typically not audible to the human ear between 1 and 20Hz, as bodily vibrations. Sounds implausible, if not impossible, but the company assures us: “The frictionless motion guarantees precise harmonic reproduction and reduces distortion. It’s the perfect combination of tactile sensation, size, weight, and power consumption.”

Vibration Options

To make sure you can enjoy their technology everywhere you go, Woojer offers two Edge options. Both versions utilize a Texas Instruments built-in analog headphone amplifier and CSR APTX low-latency Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

Designed for active people who find themselves in several different locations throughout each day, the Strap Edge easily fits around your chest, crosswise across your upper body, or around your waist. It can also be worn underneath clothes, so you can keep your sonic experience private if you choose.

The Woojer Edge Haptic Vest

For more of a full-body experience, the Vest Edge covers your entire torso, immersing half your body in 360 degrees of perfect, comprehensive sensations sure to make your pulse pound. Intended for die-hard home gaming and VR fans, Woojer says the Vest Edge has “…out-of-the-box stereo haptics… If you’re a music pro, this’ll pump the low-frequencies through your body as it engages you in a unique and mesmerizing audio experience.”

An Overwhelming Vote Of Confidence

Girl wears the Woojer Edge haptic audio technology around his chest

Woojer’s enthusiasm for the Woojer Edge has never waned, but the company does admit they initially didn’t know how the product would be received by the public. When they launched the Edge on Kickstarter with the goal of raising $20,050, however, they were overcome with support. When the campaign still had a full week left before ending, nearly 10,000 supporters had pledged around $1.1 million to help get their vision to market. This massive show of confidence by contributors around the world means Woojer Edge could be available for purchase a lot sooner than we think. Be sure to check back for updates!