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While this Omega desk-and-chair furniture set by the furniture-and-architecture firm Atomare are clearly design-and-style driven there are functional moves hidden within their smooth forms. Structurally, the rounded and reinforced surfaces are deceptively strong but also flexible enough to provide additional comfort.

The single-piece approach to the ultramodern desk would have been spoiled by something as conventional and additive as a drawer – hence the clever inclusion of storage spaces below the desk surface, integrated directly into the form. The band of central color in each piece give visual continuity to and between them and emphasizes the appearance that each were cut, bent and wrapped from the same material.

One might be tempted to design a chair (to match the desk) that was similarly composed of a single band but that would be a bit too retro – those designs have been done. Instead, the band forks in this case but still creates additional cubby space below the seat which matches up with the integrated structural storage in the desk.

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futuristic desk table atomare

From Alicita Rodriquez of Designer Pages:

“The desk’s smooth expanse has something in common with the Milk Desk-a glorious uninterrupted surface on which to lay everything out. The Omega Desk does have two storage shelves beneath its desk top, in case you need the things that make minimalism difficult to maintain at work. The Omega Chair nestles into its companion like a child’s jigsaw puzzle or like one of those curved wooden cubbies that hide secret drawers. All this talk of curves and area may make the Omega Desk & Chair sound rather serious; however, the pair actually revels in ‘graphic expression.'”

futuristic sleek chair design

“The orange pop of color in all the seams contrasts vividly with the gleaming white of the Omega’s surfaces. They remind me of the playfulness of a Romero Britto painting, as well as the simple beauty of a Chinese character. I like to think of the Omega Desk & Chair as a calligraphic symbol from the future, which would make Atomare the creator of a new language and Munscher its most eminent writer. This is a fitting metaphor for the Omega Desk & Chair, as they seem invented to inspire creation-not exactly the work space of accountants! The Omega Desk & Chair should be the reception area standard at modern art museums and web design firms. Pipe in a little Musak Devo or Depeche Mode to accompany the Omega and you’ll get a truly transformative, if a little off-beat, welcome.”