Portable Desk by Nick+Beau

Flat-pack furniture rarely looks quite so contemporary (let alone: remotely comfortable), but this all-in-one messenger bag manages visual appeal while packing an incredible combination: a flip-out work station and fold-up seat.

Desk design on the go

Compact convertible laptop bag

Designed by a creative pair of brothers, NICK+BEAU, the Open Aire hybrid laptop carrying case is as compact as any computer bag could hope to be, but its semi-rigid sleeve opens into a wood-grained work surface … and in turn is framed by a folding chair using simple tension straps to support it. When it’s all closed up, this mobile flat pack desk and chair set is incredibly compact, its transformational abilities difficult to imagine until you actually see them in action.

Laptop bag in use

The setup is almost as comfortable as the seating and desks many people spend hours working at every day, and certainly a lot more robust than you’d imagine when you see the bag. When the side panels are opened, they work as secondary space for setting a mouse (or, if you are careful, a snack and perhaps a drink). Meanwhile, the curved shape beneath is designed to fit right on your lap and stop the station from scooting around.

Transforming laptop work set

Carrying the mobile office

Best of all: each configuration of the Open Aire set is aesthetically convincing – though the core computer support is a tad clunky, it (overall) actually looks like a solid and attractive piece of portable, multi-functional, transforming furniture. Shows that two designs can work together, and two heads can indeed be better than one.

“Openaire is a hybrid of a laptop carrying case, work surface, and chair. The system consists of a semi-rigid protective sleeve designed as an ergonomic laptop work surface and a protective shell that also functions as a comfortable seat. Together, they offer the portability and comfort to support work anywhere. NICK+BEAU is a collaboration between brothers, Nick and Beau Trincia.”