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Merging futuristic visuals with rustic environments, the Cabin DROP XL capsule house by Barcelona-based IN-TENTA is an environmentally conscious luxury getaway that can be placed virtually anywhere, and removed without leaving a trace. A larger version of the company’s organically-shaped removable hotel room, the DROP XL is a concept that “fits between a caravan and a permanent room in a traditional building.”

Whereas the original DROP measures 25 square meters, the XL comes in at 30. A lounge area converts to a bedroom at night, and a bathroom offers a toilet, shower and tub. Additional modules can be added for kitchens and other facilities.

Capsule house exterior

This portable eco-hotel is made of lightweight materials so it can be installed in a wide variety of terrains and transported to all sorts of remote natural locations such as forests, beaches and mountains. The prefabricated wood and steel module is specially designed to be installed with a minimum impact on the site, with a base that’s elevated off the ground on adjustable steel legs.

Capsule House interior

Bubble windows at the ends of the central cylindrical tube fill the structure with natural light, and can be opened to remove the barrier between indoors and out. A skylight running the entire length of the pod offers even more daylight, and thin photovoltaic solar films on the roof can be combined with wood siding to generate power.

DROP XL diagram

“The aim of modular suites is to meet the growing demand for eco-tourism with customers that like traveling but don’t want to stay in common hotels and demand sustainable architecture mixed with quality design.”

“Like its predecessor DROP eco-hotel, organic forms found in nature inspired the design of DROP xl. Shaped like a capsule, the tiny hotel is capped on both ends with large bubble windows that let in views and natural light. A long glazed strip that runs down the center of the ceiling offers views of the sky. Its design features flexible and versatile space with a minimum occupation. The new DROP xl models can be used as removable hotel rooms, pop-up pods for events, singular architectural elements and go on.”