Expandable luggage system

The Fugu, or pufferfish, is known for its amazing ability to fill its body with water, increasing its size dramatically to ward off predators. Fugu Luggage adopts the same principle of size adaptation with its expanding luggage. It starts out as a small carry-on size bag, but then expands to hold all of the souvenirs and trinkets you acquire on your travels as a check-in size bag.

The idea for Fugu expanding luggage came when an Israeli entrepreneur was vacationing in the US. When it was time to return home, he realized that the luggage he’d brought with him was not large enough to transport all of the purchases he’d made on his trip. He ended up purchasing a new piece of luggage, which inspired him to come up with a better solution.

Expanding luggage

Entrepreneur Isaac Atlas joined forces with designers and manufacturers to come up with a functional, appealing piece of luggage that could adapt to a traveler’s changing needs. The Fugu starts out as a small case that easily fits into an overhead bin on a plane. When you’re having fun on your holiday, the bag can expand to become a desk, makeup table, laptop stand or wardrobe with shelves, giving you a handy place to keep your most important belongings close at hand.

fugu fully expanded

fugu as a wardrobe

When it’s time to fly back, the Fugu can either go back to its original size or, if you’re as souvenir-mad as we are, you can use it at its maximum size as a checked bag. Weighing it at just under nine pounds empty, the Fugu is comparable in weight to other luggage. The company behind the luggage is seeking funding on Kickstarter and blew far past their funding goal long before the campaign’s end date. When the suitcase becomes available for the public to purchase, it is expected to retail at $300-$350.