transforming suitcase sofa

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Indeed, while others wait in line and shift from leg to leg, you can compile your own travel bags into a retro sofa-for-two and sit comfortably in any space. Like a convertible cartoon character mega-robot, four unassuming luggage pieces assemble into a weird retro-looking couch.

transforming travel suitcase

Nieu Weheren reverse-engineered actual traveler behavior in creating this design – observations of people in airports, train stations and bus depots sitting on their luggage inspired a more intentional product crafted specifically to address an apparent need.

transforming suitcase set

The mismatched prints, patterns and colors on the suitcases themselves are also intended to remind people of their comfortable, familiar old couch at home – engendering a kind of faux-nostalgia for real or imagined vintage furniture.

meeting conference table chair

Their multifunctional designs do not, however, stop there. This ‘meeting chair’ is constructed to work well as a solo seat but also to join forces with other identically-built mates to create a circular conference table as needed.