Reflective showered
Combining shaving and showering in the morning can help save precious minutes of an early-morning, wake-up-for-work routine – but mirrors in showers usually fail on multiple fronts. First and foremost, they fog up, making it impossible to see what you’re doing, anyway. And what if you accidentally knock it over and break it while you’re at your most vulnerable? Where would it even go, and how do you secure it?
How it works
All of these safety, space and fog concerns and more are all addressed simply by building the reflective functionality of a mirror directly into the metal surface of a shower head. The result is a clean, crisp, close-up image of your face for close last-second shaves that skip the sink entirely (without risking sleepy nicks along the way).
Reflect shower head
It’s a clever way to address a common frustration, but might introduce just as many problems as it attempts to solve. You’ve probably already noticed the piddly amount of water that emerges from this shower head as a result of devoting most of its surface area to reflecting your beautiful visage back at you. Is gazing upon yourself really worth sacrificing all that extra warmth and rinsing power? No. No, it is not.
Alternative shower mirrors

If you love it anyway, you can either wait for Reflect to start manufacturing these genius little inventions or try some alternatives. The fun windshield-wiper mirror by Suck UK is so close to being more practical than “Reflect,” while the puzzle mirror from Emiliano Brinci will encourage you to spend even more time than usual in the shower.
But you’re probably better off just getting a cheap plastic shower mirror that sticks onto the wall with a suction cup and calling it a day while we all wait for the emergence of something that actually works. Got a bright idea? Be sure to share it, or maybe just patent that sucker — clearly there’s a demand.