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Sick of your significant other bumping you out of the way to use their share of the bathroom mirror? With a simple twist (or rather: a single bend), this design lets two people look at themselves, each from a different angle.

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half mirror on white brick wall

The #180 Mirror by Nikolaus Kayser and Nicole Losos of  Halb/Halb (which aptly translates into ‘Half/Half’) is round and folds along a central seam, splitting what it shows.

half mirror side view

Its hidden supports are also made to allow it to hang at multiple different points of rotation, so you can split the view down the middle or mount it so the seam shifts toward alternative angles.

half mirror

Outside of its core functional orientation, it can add a fun new dimension to reflections around the room, half-framing various views at the same time and creating a dynamic sense of space – a kind of artistic play on the idea of mirroring whole walls to make a room feel larger.

If you want to snag this dual-faced mirror for your home, you can pick it up at Hem (where it’s been renamed “Vinkel Mirror”) for $99.

“Mirror #180 is a flat mirror with two mirror halves angled to each other. Due to the angle, you see two different perspectives of the room or the thing in front of it. A wood base-connection is fixed on the back. There it can be suspended in three positions, to rotate the front angle accordingly. Depending on the angle, you can see yourself standing close to each other, or one behind the other at different heights, or what hangs below the ceiling.”

“Nikolaus Kayser (1978) is a qualified carpenter and studied industrial design at Muthesius Kunsthochschule in Kiel. After his diploma he worked for three years as a designer at wiege Entwicklungsgesellschaft. His focus there was in the field of high-quality office furniture, especially on chairs for the German manufacture Wilkhahn.”