multifunctional couch desk furniture
Some people enjoy the full separation of work and play that a comfy couch affords, while others would prefer to be able to work while lounging on their own home or office sofa. For the latter, this remarkably simple design provides a series of flip-up wood-grain platforms that provide as-needed desk and shelving space right where you sit.
multifunctional transforming sofa
The Trio by Julia Hamid is named after the three panels that set this sofa design apart. Other than these, the design is quite simple, modern and conventional – a thin plywood band wraps around set of comfy rectangular modern cushions.
multifunctional converting couch

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Whether you want to make it a primary work station or simply need more flip-open places to put meals or gadgets while you relax on your couch, this design uses a single set of elegant low-tech design moves to add a great deal of functionality.