kangaroo light

Studio Banana Things, the group who introduced the amazingly weird Ostrich Pillow to the world, is back with a fun new accessory you never knew you needed. The Kangaroo Light is a flexible disc-like light that fits into the bottom of your handbag or backpack to help you find what you need.

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An included lithium-ion battery powers the 24 embedded LEDs. The light can provide two hours of non-stop power in a number of settings: on, off, flicker, intensity change, and pulse. When the battery runs down, it can be recharged via USB.

Kangaroo light writing

The Kangaroo Light isn’t only good for putting in the bottom of your bag. Because it’s so portable and flexible, it can be used anywhere: as a reading light that’s soft enough not to disturb your partner at night, or even when you’re out camping. Just like the Ostrich Pillow before it, the Kangaroo Light is raising money on Kickstarter to fund production.

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KANGAROO LIGHT is a playful, practical personal light. It has been ingeniously designed to be programmed and fit your lifestyle, illuminating those darker moments. Kangaroo Light is arduino compatible, allowing you to customize your light making it fun and de’lightful for all! Its flexible, hexagonal shape make it versatile so it fits your exact needs. The white high quality silicone exterior make it 100% splash proof and easy clean, allowing you to get creative and use KANGAROO LIGHT where and when you like. “

“KANGAROO LIGHT has an interactive nature, making it playful and magical.  Its flexibility allows you to fold it, bend it, roll it and adjust it to your needs. Our aim behind this ingenious lighting device is to bring fun, functionality and magic together, whilst creating a personal and portable light.It has been designed to fit your lifestyle on the go. Pop it in your bag, or simply roll it up and carry it in a pocket. The lighting applications are simply endless.”