When the fun Ostrich Pillow from design team Kawamura Ganjavian was first introduced as a concept, it received mixed reactions. While many people thought it was a great way to nap anywhere, anytime, others through it was a little too goofy looking to take seriously.

The Ostrich Pillow is no longer a concept – it has come to life as a successful Kickstarter project. The object is a bit like a bed, pillow, blanket, and eye mask in one…but slightly different. The onion-shaped pillow slips over your head and provides a comfortably warm and dark space in which to take a refreshing power nap. A hole over the nose and mouth allows you to breathe comfortably.

Because the pillow covers both your head and your hands, it effectively isolates you from outside stimuli. This can be priceless for people who need complete darkness and silence in order to nap. Now that the Ostrich Pillow is out of the concept stage and available to purchase, expect to see people napping in all sorts of unusual locations.

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The designers suggest that it can be used in places like airports and train stations, but we don’t recommend blocking out the world around you while sleeping in the midst of thousands of strangers. There’s nothing wrong with a quick nap in the office or library, though.