amalgamations vases

From schoolchildren to CEOs, nearly everyone uses pencils as part of their creative process. It is’t often, though, that we think about the actual object itself. The pencil is a surprisingly interesting object when it is taken out of the context of being nothing more than a tool.

vases made from pencils

close up of amalgamations vase

Studio Markunpoika is putting the pencil’s function aside and focusing on its form with a series called Amalgamated. The series consists of a number of vessels made of attached and carved pencils. The finished product only hints at what the building material might be.

making of amalgamations vases

The elegant vases are formed by tightly gluing pencils together at their faceted edges. Once in place, the pencils form a solid block. The block is carved on a machine lathe to create the graceful shapes which reveal the interior wood and graphite of the pencils.

elegant vases using pencils as raw material

The wooden vessels are spotted with the graphite insides of the pencils, and in some places feature long lines of the black or blue leads. It is only from some aspects that you might catch the vague shape of the former pencils and realize what they might have been in a previous life.