fallen wood seat design

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At one extreme, some woodworkers carve and cut endlessly at wood until the material is hardly recognizable – at the other, some craftsmen go for a rough-hewn and naturalistic look. This piece straddles the center of those extremes in a compelling way.

fallen branch bench context

French creator Benjamin Graindorge carefully straightened the main portion into a traditional slatwork seat but left one side supported by an essentially untouched piece of fallen oak (the other, in stark contrast, held up almost-invisibly by a simple piece of glass). Per the context photos above, the piece manages to tie interior and exterior elements together – indoor furniture with outside greenery – across a plane of glazing.

fallen hybrid bench joint

The resulting object is also by itself dynamic and directional – it could almost be mistaken for a rocket in flight or some kind of strange undersea creature. But the joints are really where it all comes together – the careful integration of the wild and twisty branches with the streamlined body of the bench.